Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good-ish morning to you

Just woke up, I have a slight hangover and what appears to be the beginnings of a flu. My nose is stuffed and my throat hurts. Oh well... I'll survive, I'll just enjoy more coffee out of my Penis-mug.

Which reminds me...

I went to see Adam Lambert perform live @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, yesterday. The show was good, not brilliant, but good nevertheless. He started out with "If I Had You", which is a great song (I even had it as a ringtone on my phone for a while:), but sadly the sound was very bad. Of course he had a world-class FOH with him, so it didn't take too long to get it all together, after that the sound was totally fine.

Now about the arrangements... Some of them worked, the others didn't. "Whataya Want From Me" was arranged brilliantly, it was better than the original version, which is saying a lot as the song is my second-favorite song of his. Then again "Outlaws of Love" morphed into some kind of semi-reggae thingy that I really didn't like too much, as the song is one of the better ones on the latest album and works very well as a ballad.

Lambert also did quite many covers, maybe too many in my opinion, I counted at least five. I was surprised the Tears For Fears cover "Shout" didn't really work too well, IMO. Love the song, but somehow it just didn't work. Then again the Donna Summer cover "Hot Stuff" worked like a charm. He also covered Queen, Bob Marley and Lenny Kravitz, maybe something else as well, I might have missed something.

As a singer, well, what can you say about Adam Lambert? On the albums he is phenomenal, albeit sometimes over-produced. Live, he's just phenomenal. Really, he sang like a mofo, I can't say anything bad about his performance.

The only thing bugging me about his show last night was that he didn't play my all time favorite song of his, "Underneath"


  1. I didn't knew him, sounds good ^^.

  2. Have to admit I don't know many of his songs. But the few I checked out so far are kind of too dance-pop-whatever style for my taste. Could be nice for a night out but wouldn't listen to that at home I guess. Though I really like his voice.
    "Whataya Want From Me" I kinda like a lot, though I can't listen to it that well (reminds me of somebody I don't want to think about)...
    "Underneath" is really beautiful, could be my favourite then as well :)
    Maybe I should check the rest of his songs if there are more rock-songs or ballads I could like :)

  3. Didn't know him AT ALL.
    Beautiful voice, and nice song truly! Maybe is too fancy and "I'll-make-all-moms-and-teen-daughters-fall-in-love-with-me" kind of a voice for me to get through. :)

    1. He is Freddie Mercury Jr, hands down!

  4. Ok! I'm curious! I had never paid attention to this guy but really sounds good ... I'll have to find some songs and maybe see him when he comes to my country :)