Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maybe I won't die... yet

Starting to feel somewhat decent, maybe 78,2%, give or take 50%. Today I contacted a bass player extraordinaire and a good friend of mine about laying down the bass track for the single. Originally I thought I'd just program the bass, as the song is leans pretty heavily on a dance beat and is heavy on sequences, but then I thought maybe it would be nice to have an "organic" bass there as well. At first I thought I'd just play it myself, as I have done numerous times before, but then I started thinking if I'm actually gonna have a real bass on the song it might as we'll be a decent one then, and even though I can lay down some decent boogie with the bass there is still a huge difference between my playing and an ACTUAL bass player. So, I sent the dude the files and should hopefully get the bass track on Friday or during the weekend.

Now during the evening I've been playing some poker, but had to stop as I was running like shit, being sucked out from left and right. And really, if a guy calls a 4bet preflop, who of you would put him on a J5o????

After that I opened a Lonkero (yeah yeah, shouldn't drink while sick, blah blah, go fuck yourself) and started listening to some music, and damn, the new Anssi Kela album is pretty effin' good! Who would've thunken? I mean, ten years ago, back in the day, this dude released an album that was a huge hit in Finland, selling multiple platinum. And god did I hate it! It was (and still is) so fucking bad. Then the success gradually faded until no one really cared anymore, his last album before this sold something like 4 000 copies, which is kind of a downfall considering that his first album sold 150 000+. The guy wasn't really a household name anymore, and it seems like he too went "Fuck it" and did something that he wanted to do. Apparently that is VERY 80's sounding album and goddamn, I have to admit I like it. I will NEVER like his hit album, I still think the songs were terrible, but here they are not. They are pretty fucking catchy. Granted, some of the lyrics can be quite naive, but I think it's kind of a point here as well, they're not great poetry, but they work. I salute you Mr.Kela, well done Sir, well done indeed!

Aaand I went on rambling about a Finnish artist that majority of my readers has never even heard about :) But what the heck, it's my blog, and that's what I was listening to right now, so what the hell. Try to endure :)

I tried finding some other song to link here than the one that has been all over the radios here now, but apparently there are no others in Youtube yet, so here you go if you're interested, or a Finn who somehow has managed to avoid this song (and let's face it, the chorus is awesome and catchy as fuck:):

I also think it's worth mentioning that the guy sang and played EVERYTHING on the album himself, aside from one saxophone solo. That's pretty impressive in my books.


  1. Defenitely you are better... more than 3 pharagrafs, wow is much to say :D.... and it's so pretty good know that you are working in the single after the flu... and no the song is cool, I don't understand finnish language at all.. but sounds good...

  2. Wow, really good song :) (even i don't understand anything of the lyrics)

    PD: is weird to see you in a tuxedo

  3. Thanks a lot Jani, I'm getting the most terrible flashbacks from the past...mun täytyy kävellä näin, mun täytyy kävellä näin =P This new one is much better, but they don't play it on Radio Rock so I had heard it only once before.

  4. Well, I'll be honest. I'm not into 80's sound at all (everytime I hear those drum type of sounds which you can find in the video at 3:18, I freak out. For me, it's EVIL). I don't know nothing about hold'em poker or finnish music too. The song sounds quite simple (and that's not necessarily a vice) and nice, feels like "easy-goin" kind of stuff. The video I didn't like, maybe because I'm very reserved person, and I'd never let someone to shoot anything inside my own living room. And finally, I've to admit: Finnish language is maybe the less euphonic I've heard so far (seems to me like it's very harsh and full of strong consonants, so that it hardly fits the phonetic structure supposed to get along with an English-spoken type of music). But maybe is my everyday acquaintance with Italian and English (totally different, as regards phonetics) that is fooling me around on this.
    SOOO.... GOTTA HATE ME FOR THIS POST! (ahah!) :)

  5. WTF, an excited rant about Anssi Kela? :) This blog is like a bag of dicks with random surprise cookies.

    Levoton tyttö is awesome, but it's quite funny how the same crowd (I don't mean you here) who's been dissing him for years is suddenly hailing him as the new hipster king or something.

    And naive isn't necessarily a bad thing at all in lyrics. I find your old Sydänpuu lyrics naive but mostly in a good way, they're one reason why I love that shit.

  6. I still have no idea what those "hipsters" actually are... Sydänpuu lyrics were deliberately naive, and I am guessing it's pretty much the same thing with Kela. And I've always been very open about my hatred towards his music, only now he did something completely different, and I happened to like it a lot :)