Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Still alive, not feeling fine

So, this has been fun so far. On Saturday I went out with my sister, mom and Risto. Had some drinks and sang some karaoke with my sister, which was really fun :) On Sunday I didn't do much aside watching cartoons with my niece (The Beauty and the Beast & Tarzan) and playing some online poker later.

Yesterday we went to Tico Tico Studio to record the drums for the upcoming Sydänpuu single with soung engineer extraordinaire, Mr. Ahti Kortelainen. This was probably one of the easiest studiosessions I've ever done, as 6h after we stopped the car infront of the studio the drums had already been recorded, edited, packed, taken back to the warehouse and we were sitting in Cafe & Bar Ankkuri, celebrating our successful session with a beer :)

I should try and find some video converter for mac now, so I could put together some small video clip from the studio, let's see if I can find one.


Some pics from the studio


  1. Keep it up! When guitars and stuff are supposed to be recorded?

  2. Keep doing your everything except the drums Jani?

  3. glad to hear that you spent a great time this weekend... wow for the single... I can't wait for to hear it!! and when you'll record the guitars? :D

  4. hi jani,im from indonesia when i first time see youtube i have seen you with your ibanez..that i become fans of you (im sorry my english not very good) maybe in my city only me know about you and your band...im still waiting the new big thing from you and your guitar...keep moving jani!!!!.... (cana : indonesia)