Monday, March 25, 2013

Still sick

Unfortunately at the moment I'm very much bedridden myself, wouldn't be much of a company...  God I hate being sick.

Well, to cheer things up, here's apparently a genuine letter sent to the Finnish Embassy by what I can only hope to be dumber-than-average Brit:

"Dear Sir/Madam/Ms,

According to reports in today's newspapers, the foul weather that we are experiencing in the UK is coming directly from Finland.

I respectfully request that you stop this unfriendly behaviour immediately. It is playing havoc with my plans for the garden, not to mention the heating bills. 

I shall expect an improvement very soon, and will not accept any excuses! Thank you."


  1. tervehdys oletko kokeillut juoda kuumaa rommia flunssaan?paranemisia

  2. Aww! Jani... Stupid Flu! I hope you get well soon! And little of tea and some pills could be the solution.... The bed in some cases is could get moving .. That could help eliminate the damn virus ... :)

  3. Get well soon Jani! The letter was quite hilarious :)
    I guess sometimes governments must face some really silly questions...
    Have you seen that one by the way ?

  4. ahah! I second that!
    Stupid northern perturbations!! Today is MARCH 25TH and here in Northern Italy there's a snow storm. A F** SNOW STORM. IN MARCH. Seems like Xmas... fortunately we're not stupid enough yet to take weather problems as political issues, otherwise there could be a war raging on right now between my country and your! :D
    But, you know, speaking of mankind you can never tell...
    Hope you get well soon!

  5. Hahaha, get well Jani.
    You known the Band Rata Blanca of my from?
    What do you think of them?