Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Should head to Helsinki, again...

Those of you who know me personally also know that I'm not the biggest fan of the city in question. But, tonight it's the last show in a while with my man Mr.T. After tonight I'll concentrate on creating something new for a change, been playing the same old songs for far too long again. Playing is fun, but writing is better.

Here's something you can sing while I'm away:


  1. What? Aren't these the exact lyrics of the song? I thought so. :P
    Have a nice evening btw. I'm already thrilled of what you'll write, I need some new good music!

  2. Jani, which are the nicest cities in Finland? I'm planning to visit your counrty, sometimes this summer.

  3. Then I consider myself lucky to be in Helsinki at that time. See you there.

  4. Ok enjoy this last show with Mr. T..... wind of changes?...
    I hope I could hear the new lyrics :)... and whatever you do, don’t be another brick in the wall! ;)