Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Official "WTF????" of the day...


After 10 hours of digesting this, I have to admit, I kinda like it :D


    We live in a crazy world.

  2. I did not know chewbacca could sing...

  3. O___o For some weird reason, this video also reminded me of the Happy Tree Friends...

    You know what else is fucked up? This:

  4. Better than most music I hear on the radio

  5. I heard this earlier...unfortunately. Is this their eurovision contest song? If I has to say it´s a bit weird. :D

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  7. Thanks Mariana for the video share. I did not know people still listen to this shit. I guess you got it from the Global Metal DVD.

    As you might have guessed by now - Yes, I am from the Republic Of India or as the world knows us as INDIA. I've been following this Blog for a while and gone through all the blog posts.

    While I'm here commenting, let me also inform Rhodi that even we don't get Metal acts here in India. I was there for the only finnish act that graced our land last October - Children Of Bodom. I wish more Metal acts come to India. Our Metal scene is worst than S. America. However, Iron Maiden seem to love us a lot by coming here twice. Please consider coming here. BTW, All my students and also friends with and from local bands know of the Amazing Guitarist from Finland. All thanks to me, ofcourse. Keep up the great work of hating us all. I'm so waiting for the new Sydänpuu's single too.

    And yes Rhodi, I could write in my local language too. But I choose not to. I'm okay with commenting in English.

    Love your Music, Jani. Hope you feel a 100 percent better soon enough. Greetings from India.


    1. Oh, so I trolled 3 people- NIIICEEEE :D


      with much love :*

      - Rhodi, too busy to log in on a second google account :P

    2. Relax, we live in a weird world and every country has fucked up things, including mine (O__O). I just found this George Michael alike amusing (and disturbing).

      Don't take this personal, It's not my intention to embarrass India or sth like that, ok? Bye!

  8. Viron Stam1na O_o

  9. Oh, my goodness. Metall from nuthouse...