Sunday, August 4, 2013

Foster's Radler

"Foster’s Radler 2.0% is a refreshing mixed drink that combines 
60 per cent citrus-flavoured soft drink with 40 per cent Foster’s lager"

I tried this today, it sounded so weird I had to. All in all, not that much to write home about. It wasn't as refreshing as one would hope, smelled pretty damn bad, and with 2.0% it doesn't do jackshit for a seasoned pro such as myself. To it's credit, it was very easy to drink and didn't taste as bad as it smelled. Final verdict with a sample size of one (1) can: 2/5


  1. Beer reviews with Jani Liimatainen - I approve. Hopefully you will go international one day, would really like to know what you think of my local beer.

    1. Maybe I should make this a thing, if only to justify my alcoholism. I've sampled quite a few beers during my years and travels, what's your local one?

    2. Ožujsko or karlovačko from Croatia. I doubt you had the honor of tasting them.

    3. Austria has quite a few nice beers aswell ;) And if tasting through is only for SCIENTIC reasons, then it's legit, right??? (lame excuse #146)

    4. Karlovacko is damn good! Everytime I go to Croatia I drink a huge lot of it. :)
      But I think people who dare mix beer with everything else should die. Beer is beer, you don't simply fuck with it sand say it sounds good. Beer is sacred!!

  2. better, i invite you here