Thursday, February 2, 2012

ad lib

Dear Diary, here's some random shit:

Shit 1:

Still cold (still talking about the weather...), I must say I chuckled a little when I stepped outside to walk approx 3km to have a coffee with a friend of mine. It was -25c and the first song that started playing on my headphones as I took my first steps was "This is gonna hurt". No shit Sherlock :) But I'm a fucking trooper.

But I did make it to the centrum of kemi and we went to have a coffee. And then a beer.  And then to the store. And then to his place to have some warm rum. All in all it was a lot of fun, aside for freezing my precious little balls off, again. We talked about women, reached no conclusion, except maybe the fact that we've both matured a little since our younger years. At least we'd like to think so :) Here's a pic from the centrum, featuring my friend, who some of you might recognize:

Kemi looked prettier than I remembered, they've really spruced up the place. Felt almost nostalgic.

Shit 2:

I've recently disproved the theory that if you have bad luck in cards you have luck in love, and vice versa. It's total crap. I've run like shit on both now for a few days, especially today, so fear not my card playing friends. Success does not limit your chances and badbeats are not an excuse to go cunthunting. Take it from me boys (and girls), the two things are not in anyway related or have any kind of synergy or whatnot.

To use poker terms I went all-in in a situation where it was almost a coinflip, I'd say I had AKo vs. QQ, that's roughly 46% vs. 54% if I recall correctly (I'll give the same odds on the fact that someone corrects me about this). Preflop all-in, no A, no K, lost the pot. Had similar run on poker today, lost a few buy-ins. So fuck that theory, if your luck is shit, it's shit. End of story. Life sucks, get a fucking helmet.

Shit 3:

There's a presidential election coming up in Finland, and boy are people bat-shit insane about that. I don't understand how normal people can get so fucking worked up, with such a tunnel vision and all.

My political stance is none of your business, but I'll give you this:

To all you people who won't vote for Haavisto because he is gay I'll say this: FUCK YOU!

To all you people who vote for Haavisto because he is gay I'll say this: FUCK YOU TOO!

If that alienated you I suggest you go back and read the sentences above until you get it (Hint: the keyword here is "because"). Here's a picture to clarify it for all of you too stupid to catch my drift:

Geddit fuckers??? I'm sick and tired of hearing about this shit, thank god it's over soon...

I probably had Shit 4. figured out as well, but I seem to have forgotten it. I'll get back to you when I remember it or want to ramble on about something else. Until then, take care little chipmunks!


I had to check the AKo vs. QQ odds with Pokerstove, because it bothered me. Here's the results for those who care (I'm guessing no one but me does, but I on the other hand don't give a fuck about that) :

equity win tie      pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 42.835%   42.66% 00.17%        730541     2927.00   { AcKd }
Hand 1: 57.165%   56.99% 00.17%        975909     2927.00   { QhQs }

I was off quite a bit, have to work on my poker-math. That's all, as you were people.

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  1. I started reading your blog yesterday. I found your way of describing events interesting and funny. Saved this one with helmet in my quote collection. Btw brb I'm going to buy helmet.