Friday, February 3, 2012

Not a good turn of events


It would seem to me now that I'm well on my way to becoming a woman-hater. And for someone who loves the opposite sex as much as I do, that's quite a feat. I mean, I love women, I have all their albums. But when you get fucked (metaphorically) more times than you'd care to recall it kinda starts to wear you down. I just don't trust those fuckers anymore.

I guess I have too high standards when it comes to the prettier sex. I want a woman who is beautiful (Yes, I'm so shallow that I'll put that first on the list), intelligent, nice, has amazing sense of humor and a way with words. Not a combo that's easy to find. I've only met a handful of those during the 31 years I've tread on this god-forsaken planet of ours, and as you are reading this you can all guess how those worked out. But I'm not gonna lower my standards, so if it comes to that, "Forever Alone".

The story of my life seems to be that I keep on looking for that perfect woman, the woman of my dreams, my Helen of Troy. And when I finally find her she is looking for the man of her dreams. And I'm not it.

This is really not a good mood to try and go out sober, would seem like that idea is doomed from the start. The sweet oblivion of intoxication feels like a beautiful escape from the misery that is my life at the moment. One will see what happens, but my expectations are not that high. So, here's to all of you who can't drink anymore!

See you on the other side assholes!


  1. Love is a philosophy rather complicated and pointless at times: When you look for is not found, not think about it when BOOM! appears. It's just matter of time ... also i wait for my love, although I suspect that live on another planet, or hopefully somewhere else :)

    PD: Sorry, mi english is BBBAAAAADDD!!!

  2. ''I just don't trust those fuckers anymore.'' Well, gee...I don't know, man...hmmm how about starting with respect? I think that kinda shit gets you far with women but heck, how would I know? I'm one of those ''fuckers'' of the female kind as well.