Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something for you folks

Here's something for you folks, it's one of my favorites. Those of you who know me well (I don't think many of you do, but at least someone) know that when push comes to shove I'm a hopeless romantic, but I still find this song very fitting and to-the-point, I guess it speaks to the more logical side of my character, or whatever... But what he sings is pretty much how shit works, for better or worse. And also from a musical standpoint I find that some of the vocal harmonies are pretty awesome considering the rhythmically fairly complex lines he's spitting out.

Btw, if you enjoyed this video, and even if you didn't but you ARE religious I very much suggest you also check out his other, very fittingly named song  "Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins".

In other news: I think I'll pop out for a beer later, I'm turning into a couch potato otherwise. Well, at least already it's a couch potato with a pint of beer. Later hopefully losing the couch and the potato, becoming just "beer". Actually I think it goes the other way around and beer becomes a part of me, or something... Wattafak, aivan sama.


  1. That's just hilarious! Like this blog of yours. Cheers :)

  2. Not only an Inception fan, but a Tim Minchin fan as well. *shakes head* You really are awesome aaaaaand apparently my music player is a little psychic, it just spat out "Discovery". Not bad, evil-that-is-Windows.