Thursday, February 9, 2012

How are you?

I'm fine thanks for asking. And lying through my teeth, I'm not fine. I have quite the hangover and everything is shit, like always. Btw, this blog has surprisingly gotten quite a few hits already, I don't know if I should be flattered or worried, maybe a bit of both. Anyway, thanks fuckers, treat yourselves a donut and think of me!

But yeah, about last night... It all started innocently enough with me going to a local bar that I used to frequent when I still lived in this town. I ordered a mint cocoa, since I was once again freezing my wonderful, magnificent, divine balls off. It was on the house since I used to be a patron in this place for so long, which was of course a nice surprise. Here's a pic to make you envious:

I went to this bar with Mr. Koskinen of Sydänpuu fame (pun intended) , but he being a famous radio voice has to wake up at shit o'clock, so I was left to my own devices at some point. There was a guy I know playing pool and I joined him, we shoot some pool and have a few drinks and decide to go bar hopping, which is apparently evident from my last few blog entries, the last one of them which I don't even remember making. Yes, I'm awesome, I know.

At the last bar we went to things got a tad bit out of hand:

After that incident my memories of the night get kinda hazy... Actually when I woke up I had no idea how I got back here. Now I do remember, I took a taxi, which was driven by a guy that used to play bass in my first real band, that was preeeettty surreal experience. And now of course I have a hangover. Would you trust your daughter with this man:

Yeah, me neither...


  1. Hehehe! It does not matter! It would be fun to be with someone like that, but my father does not agree :)

  2. Mmmm...Now I remember, I :) I ignore