Monday, February 6, 2012

I did it again

The snow-show. Pushing that white crap around in the yard. Because it's good exercise, and we all know that I can really use some. Stickmen are not generally concidered too attractive. And of course I want to make myself useful every once in a while as well. So I did it. I rule!

I'm quite bored at the moment, mondays really aren't my thing, and there's not too much to do in this town on mondays, except push snow around and browse the internet. Haven't found anything interesting enough to share with you folks today yet, sorry.

There would be this tattoo-thing in Tornio, a city close by, on friday and saturday. I'm thinking of going, although I'm really iffy about the town. Last time I was there I though most of the locals acted like total morons. Of course I'm originally from Kemi myself, and there is this rivalry thing between the two towns so you might argue that I am biased. Maybe I am, but I still think that if you are in a bar and you've finished your beer the correct thing to do is NOT to throw the glass pint over your shoulder. Fucking retards...

But I could use another tattoo. Maybe on my cock. Or maybe not. One will have to see.

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