Thursday, February 16, 2012


Is awesome! :)

In other news, THIS song is still amazing. I remember when we toured with Doro and Altaria in 2006, when I was still playing with SA. Good times on that tour :) I must confess that I wasn't a big Doro fan, didn't actually know shit about her, or her music, but when I first heard this song I was sold. Still think it's awesome. Too bad the narrator in the lyrics is a woman. Would love to make a version of that song, but that would sound preeetty damn weird ("Asked god for a woman and ended up with me", tranny much??? :)

I actually had the pleasure to meet Johnny Dee, Doro's drummer again last summer when I was at Sauna Open Air festival with some friends. Too bad I didn't see Doro and the guys live, as I was there only for a day, but it was really nice seeing him again. Cool and funny guy :)

J&J after Sauna. Gotta love my True Metal T-shirt :)

Sometimes one pair just doesn't cut it...


  1. You could always change the lyrics to "asked god for a good man" instead of "a woman", fits with the rhythm and also the theme (okay, I didn't pay attention to the lyrics all the way through, but that's the gist, right?). Actually I'd love to hear your version of this song... I reckon it'd really suit your voice. Or you and Timo could do it as part of your live acoustic show sometime, perhaps :)

  2. Hahahaha "tranny much???" How could u? I love this song...