Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday night's delight

So, friday night, and I mean night, it's 02:57 as I'm writing this. Some observations:

Apparently Finland is choosing the song to represent us in the Eurovision Song Contest tonight (saturday). I've missed all the preliminary rounds, for the same fucked up reason I've missed the swedish Melodiefestivalen-crap. Sucks ass and stuff, but no-can-do. Gonna miss the final tonight as well, as I am supposed to be rocking out with Mr. Kotipelto. That ought to be fun, although I'm kinda nervous as we haven't played together in over a month and have really no time to rehearse. Well, he's a pro and I'm a moron, so I guess it'll be alright.

My friday night has been quiet and sober, up to a point. Then it was just sober. My mom called me around 23:00 that she's in a hospital. That's always a fun call to have. Then she called again later around 00:00 or something that she'll have to stay there, so I walked to the hospital to see her and take care of some stuff. Just came home a while ago. Well, at least it's a variation to the theme of getting hammered on weekends, although I have been now sober for almost 2 weeks. Won't be tomorrow, I can guarantee you that. I have deserved to drink myself into stupor and wake up with a terrible hangover. It's my goal. A few days binge might actually be fun, but I don't think it's doable at the moment, so lets just totally overdo it tomorrow. After the show of course, one still has to do one's job first.

I'm thinking about making a sandwich now and adding some tabasco for a kick. I've never tried it and it sounds weird, but hey, I want something spicy and am open for new experiences so wattafak.

I so wish I'd have a glass of whiskey at hand at the moment...

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