Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weird experience...

So, Yours Truly took quite the trip down the memory lane tonight. I read a tour diary of sorts from waaaay back, which I didn't even write myself. And no, this was not even a tour with my main act at the time, just something small and intimate. Funny how I had forgotten so much, but just reading about it did not only bring back the memories, but also all the feelings connected to that time in my life. I've always been somewhat of a train wreck, but apparently there has been some really happy times as well. To quote Hank Moody, who was paraphrasing Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times... If only someone would've told me".

Some thoughts came to mind: First, I've been insanely lucky and gotten way more than what I probably would've deserved, and second, I apparently have shit for brains. No news there...

Regrets, we all have our share of them. There has been so many things I should've done, even more that I should not have done, way too many people I owe an apology to, many people I should've told to go fuck themselves. People walk in and out of wrong doors all the time, that's just how things work I suppose. Bottom line is that should've / would've / could've has never done any good for anyone, as far as I know. Feel free to try and prove me wrong here.

I don't even know what the hell I am trying to say here, pretty confusing times we are living. If I were to leave you guys with some sort of wisdom now, if there is one piece of advice I could give you that you'd hopefully remember after you close this browser window, this is it:

Carpe the fuck out of that diem while you can. It may very well be that it's the best of times, and no one will be there to tell you that.

No, I'm not gonna end up with a joke this time. This is it. I know I don't say this nearly as often as I should to the people who deserve to hear it, but I love you. You know who you are.


  1. Just for you to know...

    This is one of the most beautiful writings I´ve ever read from you. Thank you.

    You know who I am.

  2. You did express that feeling pretty well, managed to put words on it.

  3. I am absolutely noone, but I stumbled upon the old entry, and it seemed to me that you have changed dramatically for the better, such a conclusion can be drawn from it. Maybe that was the whole point.
    As for me, I already fucked up my insignificant "diem" and unlikely I will have another one.