Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday don't mean shit, as Phil Anselmo so eloquently put it years ago. I'll give you some cliffs though:

  • A woman in a bar told me told that I should hit on the girl sitting next to me, as she is very beautiful. Nice advice, but that girl was my sister...
  • A man insisted on giving me money after I sang a song in karaoke. I guess he liked it. Or then he paid me for never to do that again, can't be sure.
  • I don't have much to talk with people I used to know back in the day. Awkward...
  • I was almost out of the bar and on my way home already, but ended up going to an after party and drinking until morning. Some friends are dangerous company.
And as this would not be my blog if I wasn't bitching and whining all the time I will leave you all in a bum note so no one will get too cheerful or happy-go-lucky:

  • I noticed that the swedish Melodiefestivalen started yesterday. For many years now one of my favorite things has been to follow that crap with a special someone. Too bad we are not in talking terms, or any other kind of terms either with her anymore, so that's gone to hell as well. Bummed the living fuck out of me last night. FML.

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