Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food for thought:

So, I understand that some of my posts in this blog make me come out as an utterly stupid person who just enjoys saying weird things. While that assumption, if you choose to make it, is totally valid and mostly true, I do occasionally dwelve in subjects other than my (magnificent) genitalia and the joys of over-indulging in drinking and other habits deemed unfit for a person by the society in which we live in.

Now, I'm not saying I know shit about the people reading my musings in this virtual vomit of thoughts that I spew into the cyberspace (mainly for my own amusement), but I would like to entertain a thought that at least some (hell, at least one) of you could actually be of the thinking kind as well. So people, to kick off this wednesday I shall present you with a video that I've enjoyed a lot and have watched a numerous times in the past. So, if you have around 20min to waste (although in this case I believe it's hardly a waste), check out the Richard Dawkins (yes, the infamous atheist, but this is not about religion) video below:

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