Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hello handsomes and handsomettes!

I am waiting my ride at the moment and am a bit bored, so I thought I'd entertain and humiliate myself by sharing a story with you, as I was reminded about this incident recently. The names have been changed or erased or whatnot to protect the innocent.

Our story takes place in a distant past, I'm not quite sure about the timeframe, but this was at least ten years ago, when yours truly was, if possible, even more immature and irresponsible than I am nowadays. Back then I was playing some shows with a certain band (no, not the band from where most of you know me from). Our tour was ending and we had the last show in a town where I had spent quite a lot of time previously while working on some songs and album-stuff. Always when in town I stayed in a same place, a certain hostel that was affordable and had a very convenient location. I had actually spent so much time there that the elderly lady running the place knew me already and always gave me the same room.

So, after the last show it common to have an after-show party, and that's what we did. You all can guess that such event involves excessive drinking, and this party was no exception. So after the show me, the guys from the band and some other people hit a nightclub and started the usual antics of rocking out after the actual rocking out that one is paid for. My memories are a bit hazy, but I can tell you that large quantities of beer and numerous shots were consumed. Everything has to come to an end though, and this was true also for the after-show party. 

So, it's shit o'clock and yours truly stumbles back to the hostel, like so many times before. And not alone, mind you. I had some company in the form of a very attractive member of the opposite sex. Well, you can probably guess that what happened next was preeetty X-rated stuff, lets just say we engaged in some amorous activities. This is all still fine and dandy, but what happened next is the, in lack of a better word, interesting part:

At some point during these amorous activities I decided to go into the hallway. Why I did that is anyone's guess, I'd like to think that I wanted to use the toilet, as that would make the most sense, but since it's me we are talking about one can never be too sure.

So, I stumble in the hallway, butt-naked. As I walk down the hallway I notice something. I am not alone. The elderly woman who runs the place is also in the hallway. So what do I do? One could argue that the correct thing here would've been to quickly retreat back to the safety of my boudoir. Did I do that? Nope, of course not. Instead I, for some reason, decide to engage in a discussion with the lady in question. So there I am, butt-naked in the hallway, talking to a probably 55+ years old woman, while sporting a raging erection. How the hell did I not get arrested? I would actually pay good money to hear how our conversation went, since I have no memory of what was discussed whatsoever. Proud moment for me...

And to answer the obvious follow-up question, yes, I did continue staying in that same hostel after this incident every time I came to town. Fuck that lady was a trooper, totally unfazed by a naked idiot rocker, she'd deserve a medal for that. I wonder how she's doing nowadays...


  1. jos paikkka on eräs ...saari ja nainen R niin tiedän ainakin edeltävät tapahtumat

  2. Awesome story:) Glad I noticed I missed some parts in your blog, this just made my day.