Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Helen, no hangover

That actually pretty much sums it up, I don't know what to add. I guess the lack of female contact yesterday was pretty much my own fault, I wasn't really searching as hard as I should've. Had fun though, just hanging out with Mr.R and later singing karaoke with my sister. Didn't drink that much either. Nor did I rock out with my cock out. My magnificent penis stayed inside my pants the whole time. It's a crying shame, really.

Today is the election day, and boy do I not give a flying fuck. That of course makes me an idiot, at least by it's Greek definition and etymology. But I'm an idiot in every other way as well, so what the fuck. I am a tad bit annoyed by people who need to comment on that shit and advertise their political stance all the fucking time. I hope this doesn't turn into same kind of shitstorm that happened after the parliamentary election. It was somewhat funny, but mostly just annoying. I think I might have to ban myself from the social media for a while so my blood pressure doesn't rise sky high after reading people's idiotic comments. But whatever, I fully endorse people's right to be idiots, this is a free country after all. Or almost free, but I'll get to that some other time. I don't feel like ranting about society or giving any social commentary at the moment.

Actually I don't know what I would feel like at the moment. Feeling kinda... I don't even know what. Seems like I don't know a lot today, which of course is not a big change from my "normal" self. I find my brain lacking the capacity to write anything worthwhile right now (do I ever write anything worthwhile? I don't think so), so I'll wrap this up for now and get back when my brain wakes up. Hail Satan!

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