Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's misconceptions

Hello all you people who actually feel the need to waste your time by reading my incoherent ramblings. Boy are you in for a treat today, as Yours Truly, the Magic That Is Me has not slept at all last night. I remember looking at the clock around 10:00 and going "Holy heart failure Batman!", but still sleep has eluded me. Maybe I'm slipping into psychosis, the cold hands of madness are reaching for my fragile mind... Or then it's just the lack of coffee. I'l fix that now.

I was actually gonna write about something, but now my pretty little head is totally empty, completely devoid of thought. Well, actually one thought comes to mind: TITS!

Titties are awesome and everyone who disagrees with me is probably gay and should be flogged to death for crimes against humanity, disrespecting titties. (Not for being gay. I don't care if guys like to take it up the back door or suck cock or watch Twilight, I'm not THAT judgemental. Just don't be dissin' them titties!)

I may seem to be a bit out of my mind at the moment, but inside my head I'm swimming in a sea of titties, so it's all good. Nothing to see here folks, as you were.

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